Vizulize Triple Action soothing relief Dry Eye Mist, 10ml

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  • Moisturises eyes & lids for long-lasting relief
  • Triple action with liposomes, hyaluronic acid and chamomile
  • Soothes & relieves dry irritated eyes by the natural anti-oxidative properties of Chamomile
  • Easy to apply on closed eyelids
  • pH balanced solution with contact lens friendly

Vizulize Dry Eye Mist is a simple and convenient solution that soothes dry eyes and provides long-lasting relief, without the need to use eye drops. Vizulize Dry Eye Mist is simply sprayed onto closed eye lids to provide fast and effective soothing relief for dry, tired eyes.

Formulated to be kind to eyes, Vizulize Dry Eye Mist is pH balanced to the eye’s tear fluid to help prevent stinging on application.

Vizulize Intensive Dry Eye Mist like all Vizulize eye care products, can be safely used with contact lenses without having to remove them.

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