Thealipid Dry Eye Relief Drops 10ml

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TheaLipid® Dry Eye drops are ideal for evaporative dry eyes – symptoms often being watery and gritty feeling eyes. They contain a unique combination of ingredients including natural lipids that deliver long-lasting symptom relief and restore the natural surface of the eye.


When to use:

Evaporative Dry Eye Sufferers

Ideal for Watery, Streaming, Gritty & Tired feeling eyes

Restoring the lipid layer of the tear film

Suffering with Blepharitis or Meibomian Gland Dysfunctio



• Soybean Phospholipids – stabilise the tears, helping toward long-term symptom relief

• Medium Chain Triglycerides – control evaporation from the surface of the eye

• Glycerol – moisturises the surface of the eye

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