Rapid Anti-HCV Test

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Matrix Diagnostics has a range of products for efficiently detecting the presence of viruses in blood including Hepatitis C.

The InTec Rapid Anti-HCV Test is a reliable method of establishing whether a subject has been infected with Hepatitis C. It is quick and easy to use providing screen results within 15 minutes.

This test is CE marked and is widely used in settings such as prison healthcare and community pharmacies.

Matrix Diagnostics is the sole distributor of the Intec HCV Hep C Test throughout the UK and Ireland.

This simple test requires just 1 drop of fingerstick whole blood for immediate analysis. The delay caused by the submission of dried blood spot samples to a laboratory is therefore avoided. The Rapid HCV test provides a result without delay, thereby allowing the most appropriate course of action to be taken as soon as possible. Below is our easy to follow procedure for using the Intec Hepatitis C test.

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