Profoot Mycosan Fungal Nail Treatment

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Ideal for Fungal Nail - Walk around carefree and confident again! 

One in every four people in the UK suffer from a fungal nail. It is increasingly recognised as a problem that does not heal without help.

Mycosan Fungal Nail is a complete treatment set, containing a unique serum (5ml) in a user-friendly tube with a specially designed brush, 10 nail files for single use and a treatment schedule. Mycosan is proven effective and active against fungi that cause fungal nail. It is an easy and fast solution* that helps to eliminate those embarrassing, sometimes painful, discoloured and thickened nails.

Mycosan; an effective and fast treatment of fungal nails, developed to distribute a specific dose of the active substances deep into the nail where the fungus has to be treated effectively.

The Mycosan Fungal Nail Treatment forms a layer over the nail which protects the nail against fungi. In this way, healthy nails are protected against the fungi and the fungus can be killed.


Foot pain and discomfort can stop you from walking, running, working, standing, or whatever you need to do. PROFOOT is here to help you find relief for a variety of issue from plantar fasciitis, back pain, hammer toes, bunions, cracked heels, toenail fungus and more! Click here to view the full range of Profoot Products.

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