Nature's Bounty Mini Omega-3 450mg 60s mini softgels

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  • Contains long chain omega-3 essential fatty acids – EPA & DHA
  • EPA & DHA support normal heart, brain & vision function (1)
  • Easier to swallow mini size softgels
  • High quality, purified omegas from fish oil
  • Lemon flavour to help reduce fishy aftertaste
Not all fat is bad, in fact fish oil for example is made up of “good” fats also known as "essential fatty acids". Essential fatty acids, such as omega-3, cannot be produced by the body, therefore you have to consume them. Fish oils are high in omega-3s EPA and DHA, which help to support and maintain the health of your heart, brain and vision.(1) However, many of us don't consume enough oily fish or omega-3s in our diet.


Nature's Bounty® Mini Omega-3 450 mg food supplement is a concentrated, purified fish oil providing the essential fatty acids EPA and DHA. These softgels come in a convenient mini size (30% smaller to most fish oils) so they are easier to swallow, and also have a subtle natural lemon flavour to help reduce fishy aftertaste. Our Mini Omega-3 is the perfect base supplement for daily wellbeing, and is great partnered with a multivitamin if you’re looking for a general ‘bases covered’ supplement regime.


  • Easy to swallow mini size softgels – 30% smaller than other softgels
  • Supports heart health – the core to a healthy body (1)
  • Supports mental health, brain development and function (1)
  • Supports eye health and vision (1)
  • Perfect daily base supplement, well partnered with a multivitamin
  • Fish oil from responsibly sourced anchovy, mackerel, sardine, and herring sources
  • Natural lemon flavour to help reduce fishy aftertaste or fishy burps 

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