MooGoo Natural Dry Shampoo 100g

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  • A natural, powder shampoo that freshens your hair in between washes
  • Made with natural powders such as Corn & Tapioca Starch to absorb oils
  • A non-aerosol shake bottle delivery system to avoid harmful chemicals
  • Free from harsh ingredients that can coat and irritate the scalp
  • Suitable for all hair types, colours and anyone looking to save some time

When people try dry shampoo for the first time, they often say “how did I not know about this before?” or “this is the absolute life-saver I wish I’d known about years ago!”. We get it. What we didn’t realise was that people hated washing their hair so much. So how does dry shampoo work you ask? Well, dry shampoo powders do its job by absorbing the oils your scalp produces to prolong the time needed between wet washes. This means you get to save time and money by spending less time in the shower (woohoo!). While using a dry shampoo powder in between wet washes, we predict you’ll wash your hair half as much as you used to. Not to mention the endless hours some of us spend drying and styling our hair. Can we get an AMEN? Now the real question is, how will you spend all the extra time you’ve got on your hands?

Because we like things au natural, we made our dry shampoo powder formula with a blend of food-based powders and made them extra fine to work better at absorbing oils. Application is super easy with our handy, little shaker bottle delivery system to get the product right where you need it. No more hiding dirty hair under a hat! Using natural ingredients makes it gentle on the scalp, cause that’s how we roll, and even though it’s a white powder, it’s good to go for all hair types. Our dry shampoo powder also comes with our yummy signature MooGoo smell, giving you a quick refreshment no matter what you've been up to. It also adds a bit of volume to the hair you never had before making this a double-win situation. Now kick the (aerosol) can and get shakin'. 

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