Medisure Fine Toothed Head Lice Comb x2

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Medisure Nit Comb Twin Pack. A Fine toothed nit comb can be used to detect head lice and undertake treatment with the wet combing method.

  • Quickly and easily remove head lice, eggs and nits
  • Will glide through most types of hair with ease
  • Easy grip handle
  • Use regularly to remain lice-free
  • 2 combs per pack.   

How to>

Wash hair normally and whilst still wet add a generous amount of ordinary conditioner

Remove tangles with a standard comb

Combe hair thoroughly with the nit comb, ensuring that the teeth of the comb slot into the hair roots at the start of each stroke

Each stroke should cover the hair from root to tip

Comb over a pale surface such as a paper towel and rinse the comb clear of lice after every stroke

Wet lice have greater difficulty in travelling through t he hair and conditioner helps to reduce their grip

Repeat this routine every 3-4 days for at least 2 weeks

Wash and dry thoroughly after use

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