Medicare Assorted Transparent Plasters 30S

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Medicare’s transparent plasters will go with everything in your wardrobe – because they’re invisible!
These clear plasters are an innovative way to treat and protect a minor wound without compromising your style.
A minor mishap can strike at any time, and whether it results in a cut, scrape, scratch or graze, we rarely have control over what part of our body is wounded. Just because you got a shaving nick on your leg, doesn’t mean you have to shun your new skirt in lieu of trousers. Got a paper-cut on your hand? Don’t let a standard plaster distract from your beautiful manicure, when you can protect your wound with an invisible plaster.
Medicare’s popular Transparent Plasters are an innovative way to treat a wound effectively and discreetly.
They are suitable for any area of the body, such as the hand, face, legs or arms, and any area that’s exposed and required invisible protection.
Many people can make the mistake of prioritising their appearance over their healing, and allow their wound to remain uncovered. Leaving wounds uncovered can lead to scarring and slow down the healing process. This is an unnecessary mistake, as the advanced Invisible Protection of Medicare’s Transparent Plasters allow for barely visible protection and optimal healing conditions.
Medicare’s Clear bandages come in an assorted box of 30 pre-cut plasters in four different sizes. The transparent plasters are suitable for minor wounds that have stopped bleeding heavily. The plasters seal all around the wound to prevent contamination, and the strong adhesion adheres to all parts of the body.

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