Medicare 1m x 6cm Multipore Strip

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Hypoallergenic Strip Plasters for Sensitive Skin

Sensitive Skin? We've got you covered. Medicare Sensitive Dressing Strip plasters are the perfect choice for those with sensitive easily-irritated skin.

Medicare's Sensitive Strip Plasters are hypoallergenic and especially kind to delicate skin. If your skin is super sensitive but you still need to protect a wound from infection and help it heal, Medicare's Multipore Plaster Strip for Sensitive Skin ticks all the boxes. The breathable fabric with non-woven backing, protects wounds from infection, while the ventilation feature allows the skin to breath and the air to reach the wound.

The Medicare Sensitive Strip dressing provides a comfortable way to keep wounds clean and protected by providing long lasting, reliable adhesion. It is particularly suitable to cover wounds on those awkward areas like the knees, elbows and joints.

The ultra strong, skin-friendly adhesive ensures that the wound stays dry and clean while it heals, while the non-adherent pad will cope with most minor cuts and scrapes. The plaster strip can be cut to size to ensure accurate wound coverage.


• Always clean your hands with Mediwipe Antiseptic Wipe before and after dressing a wound. • Carefully clean wound and surrounding skin. • Dry skin • Apply dressing • Replace dressing when necessary, at least daily.

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