Mavala Anti-Age Pro Time Release System 30ml

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During the day, skin is subject to many aggressions (pollution, UV, smoke) causing premature ageing. During the night, it becomes difficult to repair itself, specially after the age of 40. Toxins accumulate, wrinkles settle. Skin loses its youth and radiance.

ANTI-AGE PRO is the ultimate anti-ageing solution that corrects all signs of ageing: wrinkles, radiance, and uneven complexion.
Synchronized on the natural skin biorhythm, Time Release System Night Care intensifies the cycle of the nocturnal cell renewal. It provides the necessary leading assets to each stage in the nocturnal cutaneous cycle:
1. An extract of Swiss organic, concentrated and encapsulated Watercress seedlings, helps eliminate toxins that lead to dull complexion
2. Thousands of Alpine Rose stem cells, an exceptional adaptogen flower born at a very high altitude, to improve skin barrier function and boost skin rejuvenation.
3. A biomimetic lipo-aminoacid helps rebuild natural collagen network.

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