Malibu Kids Clear Protect Spray SPF50 250ml

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SPF50 Clear Protection Spray for Kids

✓  High Protection

✓  UVA/UVB Sunscreens

✓  Photostable

✓  Clinically Proven to be Kind to Skin

✓  Easy Application

✓  Dry Feel

✓  Water Resistant

✓  Only Tested on Humans

✓  Made in England



■ Apply it 30 minutes before and frequently during exposure to the sun.

■ Ensure that all exposed skin is evenly and generously covered.

■ Always reapply after swimming or if you feel that the product has rubbed off due to clothing or towels.

■ Seek shade between 11am to 3pm.

■ For External Use Only.

■ Do not apply to broken skin.

■ Avoid contact with fabrics and eyes.

■ If contact with eyes occurs rinse with clean water.

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