Lifesystems Light & Dry Nano First Aid Kit

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Light. Waterproof. Quick. The Light and Dry Nano first aid kit combines super-lightweight fabrics with space saving design.


  • DESIGNED FOR SERIOUS OUTDOOR ADVENTURES: The Light and Dry Nano is ideal for trail running, cycling, adventure racing or even triathlon
  • WATERPROOF: Includes a compact and lightweight waterproof inner bag containing all the essential but basic items so you can keep going fast while remaining safe
  • DIMENSIONS: 130 x 120 x 35 mm | Weight: 95 grams
  • Contents 
    • Primary Care Leaflet
    • 6 x Safety Pins
    • 1 x Lifesystems LokTop Waterproof Bag 10.2 x 18cm
    • 1 x Sun Cream Sachet - 7.5g - Mountain SPF50 Formula
    • 5 x Sterile Non-Woven Swabs (Gauze swabs) (5cm x 5cm)
    • 2 x Alcohol-free cleansing wipes
    • 1 x Zinc Oxide Tape (2.50cm x 2m)
    • 1 x Sterile Adherent Dressing (15cm x 9cm)
    • 1 x Pack of Assorted Plasters
    • 1 x Sterile Blister Plaster
    • 1 x Elasticated Cohesive Bandage (5cm x 4.5m)

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