Kinetik Wellbeing Advanced Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

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Kinetik Wellbeing Advanced Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor - in Association with St John Ambulance

Simple and accurate, innovative new technology allows the Kinetik Advanced Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor to take a quick reading whilst the cuff inflates, it then releases quickly once the reading is complete, minimising pressure on the wrist. The advanced movement guide helps you ensure correct positioning.

Easy to use – fully automatic, works at the push of a button

Easy to read – Traffic Light system to easily identify your Blood Pressure Classification

BHS standards – average of last 3 three readings stored + irregular heartbeat detection. 2 user 60 readings memory.

Measures on inflate for fast accurate reading

Comfortable – wrist-based monitor with advanced movement guide to get the perfect position for a reading

Measuring Accuracy: Within+/-3mmHg

The monitor delivers greater accuracy by taking an average of the last three readings, as recommended by the British Hypertension Society, giving you even greater confidence in your results.

Increased sensitivity means the monitor will also detect any irregular heartbeat which might give a false reading and highlights the need for seeking medical advice.


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