Kids Crazy Stuff Foaming Hair & Body Wash 200ml

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Kids Stuff® have been making bath-time fun for more than 20 years. Frothy Hair & Body Wash is a great all-in-one to help children clean themselves, without grown-ups worrying that the product will be used up in one go! It's unique foaming format means it doesn't drip, making hair washing a much more pleasant experience for kids and grown-ups alike. ideal for use in shower or in the bath, it's pump format makes it perfect for sleepovers, holidays and after-swimming knowing that it won't leak all over your bag. 

As with all Kids Stuff®  products;

    • Mild
    • Gentle
    • Hypoallergenic, 
    • Dermatologically tested 
    • Made in the UK

Kids love squirting the easy to use pump, which also stops them accidentally pouring the whole lot out in one go!

  • Fabulously frothy non-drip foam
  • Hassle-free hair washing
  • Encourages independent self-care
  • Perfect for holidays and sleepovers
  • Ideal for after swimming
  • Strawberry fragrance
  • Contains Chamomile extract traditionally used to soothe and condition skin and hair

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