Jurassic World Fun Bath Pistol Set Body Wash & Water Pistol Gift Set Park

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Transform bath time into a thrilling adventure for your youngsters with the Jurassic World Fun Bath Pistol Set. This exciting gift bundle combines entertainment and essential grooming in one thrilling package.

Key Features:

  1. Movie Magic in the Bath: Dive into the prehistoric world of Jurassic World during every bath with a body wash and a water pistol that boasts their beloved movie theme, making bath time a captivating experience.

  2. Gentle Cleansing: The included shower gel is specially formulated for normal skin, ensuring a gentle and effective cleansing process that's suitable for young skin.

  3. Playful Water Pistol: The water pistol adds an extra layer of excitement to bath time. It not only helps with the rinsing process but also allows for imaginative aquatic adventures right in the bathtub.

Say goodbye to bathtime battles and welcome a world of excitement and cleanliness with this extraordinary gift set. Give your kids a reason to eagerly anticipate their bath with the Jurassic World Fun Bath Pistol Set!

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