Biomed Aroma Fresh Complete Care Toothpaste 100g

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  • Biomed botanical toothpaste with natural essential oils. 
  • 97% natural origins and fluroride free. 
  • A complete care toothpaset to promote healthy gums, strengthen enamel and plaque reduction. 

Aroma Fresh Complete Care toothpaste with natural tea tree essential oil ensures powerful cleansing results, prevents tooth decay formation and promotes gums health thanks to aloe vera gel and tea tree essential oil.

Natural enzyme Papain, derived from Papaya extract, softens and removes dental plaque, gently whitening your teeth. Rounded polishing particles of silica and Dicalcium Phosphate Dihydrate help to gently remove surface stains, while Calcium Pyrophosphate, a delicate abrasive, prevents formation of tartar together with Tetrapotassium Pyrophosphate. Menthyl Lactate provides long-term feeling of coolness and freshness in combination with natural peppermint essential oil. Stevia Extract (natural sweetener) takes care of soft oral tissues and provides soothing effects together with Aloe Vera gel.

97% NATURAL ORIGIN. Halal certification. Vegan certification. Gluten-free certification. Natural Certified (Biorius).

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