BAC< Shoulder Brace (S/M)

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  • Lightweight and discreet posture corrector designed by experts to correctly align your shoulders and spine
  • Free yourself from back pain, headaches and other symptoms with this posture support brace
  • Gradually strengthens and realigns your back to help you achieve perfect posture
  • Hypoallergenic, breathable fabric that’s invisible under clothing for extra support wherever you are
  • Relieves aches and pains and makes you look taller, healthier and more confident

This lightweight shoulder brace will instantly improve your posture, removing tension across your back and shoulders. You will feel a huge difference as soon as you put the brace on, as your muscles and spine are aligned correctly in a way that feels wonderfully comfortable.

By regularly wearing this shoulder brace you can train yourself to stand and sit correctly. It will support your spine and muscles and help them to gradually get stronger so that you are able to keep them straight at all times without even thinking about it!


Small - medium size chest up to 91cm (26"). 

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