Australian Bodycare Tea Tree Oil Spot Stick 9ML

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Antibacterial spot stick for spots, pimples, acne prone skin, insect bites, scratches and other minor skin irritations. Non-greasy anti-bacterial roller ball stick with Tea Tree Oil and Witch Hazel to fight spot causing bacteria. For use at the first sign of a pimple.

Containing the perfect blend of spot fighting ingredients and natural antibacterial goodness.

Spot Stick provides all the natural antibacterial and antiseptic benefits of Tea Tree Oil used as a traditional medicine by Aborigines for centuries. It has a cooling effect that inhibits itching without irritating the skin. This is combined with Witch Hazel which tightens pores and prevents the skin from drying out. 


Australian Bodycare offer a wide range of products that harness the power of tea tree oil to not only heal but maintain naturally clean and healthy skin and hair. Unveil natural beauty by using Australian Bodycare products as part of your daily skin and hair care routine. Click here to view the full range. 

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