Anusol Haemorrhoids Treatment Cream 23g

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  • SHRINKS PILES: This haemorrhoid relief cream provides proven ingredients to effectively shrink affected areas
  • SOOTHES ITCHING: As the UK’s number #1 haemorrhoids treatment, trust Anusol to soothe the itch and shrink the size of piles
  • RELIEVES DISCOMFORT: This haemorrhoids & pile cream delivers effective ingredients directly where they are needed to provide easy relief from discomfort
  • PROVEN FORMULA: Anusol’s proprietary blend of ingredients has stood the test of time in providing soothing haemorrhoid relief as well as treatment for related conditions
  • ANTI-BACTERIAL & LUBRICATING: Anusol is designed to target haemorrhoids with an easy-to-use antibacterial formula, provide lubricating properties to soothe cracked skin, and ease suppository use

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