Acnecinamide Gel Cream 50ML

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Acnecinamide Gel Cream lleviates redness and spots, regulates the functioning of skin pores by controlling sebum flow facility and over production. All these restore skin’s moisture balance, sooth blemishes and reduce blackheads and control pimples.

acnecinamide Gel Cream a premium product clears spots, uneven coloration and moisturises skin to keep it smooth and soft and also help control excess oil production. Clears pimples, blemishes and spots. Alleviates redness, spots and controls skin irritation.

Reduces excessive sebum production and thins down sebum. Prevents uneven coloration. Gives non-oily moisturizing care to the skin. Lessens blackheads and impurities.

After washing with acnecinamide Cleansing Gel, massage acnecinamide Gel Cream into affected areas twice daily. Avoid eye area.


Acnecinamide provides care to oily skin with propensity for acne; contributes to the reduction and elimination of acne, open, closed, white and black spots as well as excessive fat deposition; and most significantly, establishes the skin’s oil balance, and addresses deficiencies in achieving healthy skin. Click here to shop the full range.

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