4Head Topical Headache Relief Stick 3.6g

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Contrary to most headache medications, 4head Stick is made specifically to be applied to the forehead. It comes in a handy retractable stick dispenser and includes 100% pure levomenthol, a variety of peppermint.

4Head helps prevent the negative side effects that taking medications orally can have.
There is no requirement to wait 4 hours between treatments because it can be applied whenever necessary.
Portable and practical, the elegant and practical applicator stick is easy to apply anytime a headache develops, whether at home, at work, or while travelling.
Aesthetically pleasing, it shouldn't affect makeup because 4head Stick is developed to be non-greasy and colourless when applied.
There is no need to swallow tablets, pills, or caplets, which eliminates the hassle of needing to do so with a beverage or meal. Ideal if you have trouble or dislike taking headache medications and it's entirely natural.

100% levomenthol, a potent natural analgesic included in 4head, can help block pain signals brought on by tension headaches and ease head muscles. It all comes down to feeling

You will immediately experience comforting cooling and tingling sensations after swiping the 4head Stick across your forehead. These are the initial indications that 4head's analgesic effect is beginning to take effect.

In fact, a clinical research with tension headache patients found that 4head's potent natural analgesic, pure levomenthol (peppermint), started working in just two minutes after the patients applied it.

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