Medicare Earplugs Foam PVC

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Medicare Ear Plugs are a range of ear plugs suitable to all requirements from swimming to flying, motorcycling and much more. Whether you’re a musicians or a motorcyclist, these super comfortable wax and cotton ear plugs will provide valuable protection when you need them.

  • These mouldable ear plugs are designed to prevent disturbances in the hearing conduct caused by external agents. The ear plugs feature a foam PU material which virtually eliminates pressure on the ear canal. The mouldable ear plugs conforms to your ear canals and mould to your ears comfortably for a unique airtight fit.
  • They are gentle, comfortable and adapt perfectly to the shape of the ear, offering excellent protection against external agents (dust, wind, noise, water, excessive noise etc.)
  • Medicare Foam PVC Ear Plugs are suitable for a range of requirements including flying, swimming, motorcyclists, children, snoring and more!
  •  Foam PVC conforms to fit ear canal
  •  4 pcs/ 2 pairs per Pack
  • Latex free

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