CL-EAR Express Dual Action Ear Drops 12ml

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Cl-ear Express Ear Drops are an effective treatment for the build-up of hard earwax. These ear drops contain the active ingredient urea hydrogen peroxide (5% w/w) with glycerol. Urea hydrogen peroxide works to soften and break up hard earwax, helping to relieve symptoms such as pain or partial hearing loss. 


To use Cl-ear Express Ear Drops, tilt your head to one side with the affected ear facing upwards. It might help to lie down on your side, as you’ll need to keep the solution in your ear for a few minutes. 

Drop 3 to 6 drops into the ear without letting the nozzle touch or enter the ear canal. Gently massage around the outside of the ear and keep the drops in for a few minutes. After that, rinse with lukewarm water to remove any remaining earwax. Always wipe down the nozzle after each use with some clean cotton wool. 

You can use Cl-ear Express Ear Drops once or twice a day for up to 6 days if necessary. If the earwax is still causing issues after 6 days, speak to your doctor for expert advice. 

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