Paingone Plus Pain reliever

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Paingone Plus is not to be confused with a standard TENS machine. It's a hand-held TENS pen, applied straight to the area of pain, without the fuss of pads, electrodes and gels. It is classified as a Class IIa Medical Device, used by many satisfied users, old and young alike.
TENS is a therapy used by millions of pain sufferers. Hospitals and clinics around the world rely on its effectiveness, so much so, it's the therapy that is used during labour to reduce extreme pain. Paingone Plus gives you that same treatment in a portable pen size.
  • Apply directly where it hurts
  • Just 1 click of the button per 30-second therapy
  • Effective through light clothing
  • Handy, pocket size, use anytime, anywhere
  • No leads, wires or pads
  • A safe and simple device for the treatment of pain that you can use anywhere, anytime. 

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