Clinell XL Wipes for Cleaning/Disinfecting 70s

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Clinell are cleaning and disinfectant wipes are non-corrosive, alcohol-free and bleach-free making them suitable for use on all household surfaces. Safe to use to disinfect children's toys.
  • KILLS AT LEAST 99.99% - Clinell cleaning wipes are effective against a wide range of bacteria and viruses
  • FAST AND EFFECTIVE FROM 10 SECONDS - Our disinfectant wipes are fast and effective, proven to kill bacteria and viruses from 10 seconds in dirty conditions
  • DERMATOLOGICALLY TESTED - Safe on all washable surfaces, can be used without gloves. Non bleaching
  • HELPS PROTECT YOUR FAMILY - Multipurpose wipes for the bathroom, kitchen, house and car, ideal to clean and disinfect all surfaces and equipment, suitable for use around babies and pets

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